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The Homework Lounge

The Homework Lounge  is the result of years of working in classrooms and one-on-one with struggling students. We meet the students who try to exhaustion to succeed with little result.  Likewise, parents contact us when they see a child who is much more capable than his current progress reports are indicating.

We have seen the models of how a student is “supposed” to learn, but what if the student does not fit the mold? Many students are NOT able to comfortably-and successfully- learn in the classroom.

The Homework Lounge Difference


Personal touch of an in-home tutor via video, but an online format your child will understand and love – kids are MORE comfortable these days working virtually than they are talking to someone directly; and no one has to leave (or clean) the house!


  • Time options to match the needs of the day and your schedule
  • Providing the amount of support your child really needs, for the price you can afford
  • No kick-off time – if she doesn’t get it, she can stay on and get more help

ECO-STUDY! Think Green!

Members of are:

  • Saving paper
  • Saving time
  • Saving your money
  • Saving resources – no more driving around.


  • A LOT MORE FUN FOR KIDS – kids aren’t going to “tutoring help”, they’re going to a “study jam session” where other kids are hanging out and learning and where their tutor is fun and engaging.  It’s a lot less lonely than the normal homework experience usually is.
  • Create effective study groups (an imperative college skill!)
  • Learn how to ask for help


A place for kids to be online that feels personal and “just for kids”, but is monitored and guided by caring educators at the same time


  • We are professional educators- Yes, some sites offer free tutoring, but they are impersonal or not selective enough in their hiring. We know and take into account the whole complexities of roadblocks your child encounters as a student and are successful with anyone.
  • We KNOW HOW TO REACH YOUR KID. Homework Lounge teachers have rockstar skills from alternative education backgrounds and recognize when it’s time to apply a different strategy.


Parents, enjoy convenient and effective involvement that actually supports your child’s learning, without being intrusive or negative:

  • Progress Reports- Know what your child has done, still has to do, and ways to help offline
  • Parent and school teacher communication
  • Network with other parents

We Have the Help Your Child Needs

Full access packages start at only $19/mo

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