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End Math Frustration

This super simple technique brings back your child’s confidence in math.

Would you like to:

Stop re-learning the times tables again EVERY YEAR?

Stop printing endless drills that cause more pain than progress? 

You know how kids begin to hate math before they reach 4th grade because of the amount of frustration they experience?

You can change that.


We just received this email from a happy parent:
Ms. Erin, I am very impressed with how quickly my seven-year-old memorized the Happy Birthday Three song and put it to use multiplying all in the same day! The next day, she was still singing all throughout the day for the fun of it.  My nine-year-old and twelve-year-olds have been singing in in spite of themselves!:)
Today the 7-y-o and I sat on the floor holding hands, facing each other, pretending to “row” while singing the four song. She didn’t want to stop! Then she sat at her homeschool desk and completed the multiplication on her own. I wish the oldest had been introduced to this from the start, because she has grown to dislike math and struggle with multiplication. Hopefully, this will help turn her around.
M. Moyer,
Mother of Three


Students who start to lose interest in mathematics, right around the time they begin multiplication, do not gain their interest back. In fact, students who do not learn multiplication facts are less likely to reach higher level mathematics, making it harder for them to compete for university scholarships and acceptance.

And worse, they start to feel ashamed or embarrassed.

They start to lose confidence in themselves

But there is something you can do right now to dramatically improve math success in very little time.

Learning Multiplication Facts is Not Easy.

People ask, “How is this possible? Aren’t drills the only way to learn multiplication facts? That’s how we did it in school. Don’t kids just ‘get it’ if you do drills enough?”

Sort of. Some kids will learn facts through drills. But many won’t.

What about kids who try and try, but memorizing multiplication facts seems nearly impossible and it is damaging their self-esteem?


When you already feel bad about math, this looks like the most IMPOSSIBLE MISSION EVER.

times tables

multiplication facts drill

I have built a successful career teaching kids to calculate their multiplication facts quickly and easily without rote memorization so that they never begin to hate math in the first place, giving them a better chance to succeed throughout school.

Using my very silly, very fun program called


math is fun again.


Do you like songs?


Can your children or students memorize familiar songs, like Happy Birthday? This Old Man? Row, Row, Row Your Boat?

If the answer is YES,

Then you are going to love Smartiply!

Smartiply uses each source of your brain’s memory- visual (what you see), auditory (what you hear), , kinesthetic (what you do) and combines them into a powerhouse team that knocks learning multiplication facts out of the park! 

This is not another boring math program. And there are plenty of them out there. I know because I have been an educational therapist for over 15 years. I tried other programs with my students that ended up being too much stress to learn the new technique, or just entirely useless.

Kids were getting discouraged,

They weren’t improving, and

I knew I had to do something.

So, I listened to what my students were memorizing, and it was simple tunes, not rules. We started singing. And we started eliminating finger counting and finger tricks that required lifting a pencil from the paper. We have a mathematically solid way to build understanding of math facts, but do it in a way that makes learning them FAST, EASY and PERMANENT.

As I worked with more students, I discovered what worked and what didn’t and what methods kids retained, and which methods they didn’t bother using ever again.

(Hint: Don’t bother with individual stories!)

For years, Matthew has struggled in math. He was brilliant, but could never get the facts memorized. Matthew felt awful. As we worked together, he was more relaxed doing math when he could sing or hum. We started making songs for every part of math. He started to learn, his confidence improved, and he went on to ace math (taking Algebra II in 9th grade!)

Smartiply was a hit!

I tried it again, with a new student.

Same results!


Case Studies of Smartiply Students:

Jonah, a student in 4th grade, had never learned all his multiplication facts by heart, even though his teachers drilled him almost daily. I showed him Smartiply, and he could finally do multiplication! His mother, Jennifer said, “This is the first thing that has ever worked!” He never needed educational therapy and tutoring again.


Sophie’s parents thought she would never be able to handle middle school, even considering special options for her schooling. We began intensive work the summer before 5th grade. She completed regular 6th grade math class with a B and is now entering pre-algebra!


Sid was getting Ds and Fs in 6th grade math, having a hard time transitioning from 5th grade, often left in tears because he was so far behind. After 3 months working with me, his confidence improved so much that he was accepted into 7th Grade Honors Math, and got straight As! He no longer needs a tutor or outside help.

 Sid skiing with his family in Mammoth. 

Dasha, a 3rd grader, struggled with math every day, often feeling like she would “never get it.” With Smartiply, she learned so quickly that her teacher asked what she was doing, and she taught her teacher and her classmates how to Smartiply! Even Dasha’s mom says, “I know all the facts now, too!”

 Micah was a middle school student struggling to stay ahead. She was miserable, depressed, and eventually pulled out of school. Once we started using Smartiply, she gained her confidence back, started learning math and even commented, “This is FUN now that I get it!” She went from a 3rd grade math level to 6th grade in 6 months, she is now in high school geometry and still feeling confident in math.

Did you know Smartiply has been used by children across the world? Students in all kinds of settings have successfully used Smartiply techniques to get ahead.

Homeschool + After-School + Special Education+ Accelerated Learning +Tutoring+ Online

Children who have NEVER been able to learn multiplication facts before can independently, quickly and accurately compute multiplication facts with Smartiply. It’s true! Smartiply students do not forget the facts, even when tested a year later.


The Smartiply method sticks because it works with your brain, not against it.

People learn best when they are in a LOW stress environment. They retain better when they feel safe and relaxed. Familiar tunes put the mind at ease and allow the learning to come naturally.

Smartiply is designed to be easy, familiar and non-intimidating. While the goal is to become as fast as possible, there are no anxiety-inducing speed drills in this program.

Learn facts fast, learn facts forever.

The Smartiply program is called the “genius times table technique” because it uses your brain’s natural abilities to combine rhythm, sound and visual cues without overwhelm, frustration or confusing stories or complicated techniques.

The process is simple and quick, allowing students within MINUTES to learn entire multiplication fact families (like x3 or x7) from memory when they have never been able to remember them before. 


You might remember getting stuck with facts like 8×6 or 7×4.

These are often confusing and hard to calculate. 

You might have felt stuck, lost or embarrassed. You might have even told your teacher you got the right answer, even if you didn’t because you didn’t want her to know that you were struggling. Kids still feel that embarrassment and hurt when they can’t memorize facts quickly. Worse, they feel stupid. They are made to feel like they aren’t smart enough to get math, and they (sadly) start to believe it.

Imagine being that child who, over years of doing worksheets, has NEVER been able to remember these facts and then suddenly in a matter of days, is able to compute them in less than 1 second each?



Self-esteem begins to SOAR!

Confidence goes THROUGH THE ROOF.

Success at LAST!success

And we find that when kids are no longer stuck on multiplication:

  • They are much more willing to begin trying “hard” math, like fractions, long multiplication, division and more.
  • They have more desire to achieve more.
  • They are no longer held back by drawing or counting out ridiculous amounts of tally marks or using finger tricks to figure out multiplication facts.
  • They can stay at the pace of the teacher and move through more skills with greater ease.

This is like no other program you have ever seen for multiplication facts.

You won’t have to beg your child to do math. 

And that’s why it works.

The truth is, you don’t need hundreds of worksheets and endless, boring drills to learn this stuff!

You just need one method that works to use over and over. That’s it.

What You Get Today: 


Up until now, I have only used this with my private students in intensive remediation sessions that cost up to $200 per hour.

The complete program, along with workbooks, printables, exercises, videos and over 40 practice pages should cost you $37 or more. Families are happy to pay over $400 to have me teach this method to their children.

But not today!

Take advantage of getting started with Smartiply and you will pay only a fraction of that cost.

The entire program, including videos, workbooks and support, is available today for a great low price because I am so sure you’ll love it, you’ll be excited to work with me again!

Today, you will receive the ENTIRE Smartiply Program with workbooks, mazes, practice sheets, songs and videos (a $37 value) at the lowest price possible before it goes public. This price has already gone up once, grab it before it goes up again!



Great techniques that take learning to the next level, and make you feel like a math guru. (Look at the Bonus video below to see a secret technique.)

But even more, you will get access to LIVE interactive video tutoring! My private sessions cost as much as $200 per hour.

For getting into this early enrollment, you will get:

  • The entire Smartiply Program with Instant Access, downloadable and printable materials and videos to get your child proficienct with multiplication fast. – A $37 value 

workbooks copy

  • All workbooks, videos and activities in downloadable forms.
  • Unlimited email support.

All of this taken individually, could cost up to $139.00.

  • But you aren’t going to pay $97.00.
  • You aren’t even going to pay $47.00.
  • I could easily charge $37.00 or more for the curriculum alone.

Today you get a very special offer.


This package worth $139…

For only $11.00.




Smartiply The Genius Times Tables Technique


 But hurry!

If you are serious about success in math, don’t miss out! You can’t afford to let your child’s future be devastated by low self-esteem and poor achievement in math. Start now before you need to spend thousands of dollars on tutoring to catch up again. 

Smartiply The Genius Times Tables Technique

With Smartiply, you give your child the opportunity to enjoy learning mathematics, feel less pain and frustration, gain more self-confidence and appreciate the wonders of Mathematics.


Special Unadvertised Bonus

Get FREE access to my secret technique for motivating students to practice ANY math skill, guaranteed. This secret technique is so effective, only educational therapists have been taught to use it. Other people have to pay $137 to access this information, but you can get it FREE!

All you have to do is to share my site on Facebook or Twitter, and the download link below will be unlocked.

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Smartiply The Genius Times Tables Technique

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