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The Homework Lounge

Years of referrals from happy parents and schools attest to The Homework Lounges effectiveness. Read our Success Stories below.

We find real ways to harness a student’s unique qualities to gain the skills to be his or her best at school, which might include educating teachers on how best to accommodate that student’s learning style in class.

Ted and Lora C.
Parents of a fourth grade girl

Erin was recommended to us by our reading and writing educational therapist to work with our daughter in math. (Our daughter) has a very complicated learning challenge in the area of math that has made it almost impossible for her to grasp math concepts and complete school work. Before Erin, she had worked with another math specialist from the school who was unfortunately not able to help her.


Erin was able to immediately build a rapport with our daughter and begin helping her through this challenge. She is kind, but firm, and has a way of getting our daughter to work on a subject that she does not enjoy. Erin deals calmly with difficult situations and is continually finding new, creative ways to help our daughter learn. It amazes us how much more our daughter is doing than we thought possible. Erin has also been able to attend school meetings with her teachers, showing them strategies to help to the whole class grasp math skills. She also came to the last IEP meeting and helped implement new goals.

We highly recommend Erin as a caring educational therapist, and we hope to have her continue with our daughter for as long as necessary.

-Ted and Lora C.

Karen D.
Mother of an 8th grade boy

Erin Smilkstein has a gift for breaking down barriers and communicating complex concepts in ways that can turn seemingly impossible math into a worthwhile, manageable and even enjoyable challenge. She showed up just in time for my 8th grader to find his way into understanding algebra, and helped him develop skills he didn’t realize he had, and learn new skill sets, that will serve him throughout his learning career.


Erin likes math. She also likes people, and cares genuinely for the comfort of the person she’s teaching. She went out of her way to meet my child’s needs. Erin was a quick study in identifying my student’s unique and intransigent blocks, and with patience and good humor guided him past many of those blocks so that he could do the work he needed to do. She helped set the foundation for his growing confidence and abilities.

Just as importantly, Erin made herself available to my son’s teachers, and participated in IEP meetings in such a professional, non-confrontational and highly competent way that we saved ourselves from hours of wrangling. We accomplished results that were fair, reasonable, and tailored to the particular needs and experience of my student. Her calm style and extremely informed presentation of facts and conditions, as well as her willingness to hold her ground on important points, make her a powerful advocate in the educational setting.

In a short time, Erin accurately assessed the impacts of my son’s learning challenges, including Tourette Syndrome, processing speed difficulty, dysgraphia, and a total lack of math fluency, on his ability to learn algebra. She articulated what she saw, and recommended approaches to me and to his teachers and school staff, in a constructive, non-threatening and understandable manner, which led to huge improvements in my son’s math progress. She recognized critical nuances that had escaped his teachers.

It did not take long to see why Erin Smilkstein came so highly recommended as one of the best-respected academic therapists in and around Los Angeles County. Erin works gracefully under pressure and with difficult students. She sets goals and accomplishes them. I recommend her tutoring services with great enthusiasm and without reservation.

Deborah and Michael T.
Parents of a 7th grade boy

Erin Smilkstein has been our son’s Educational Therapist for over eight years.  She started working with him as a follow-up to a speech and language program he had completed.  She came highly recommended from Pathways Speech and Language Center and has been instrumental in assisting our son in his education therapy.  It has made a significant difference.


In the beginning of their tutorial relationship, she came to our home twice a week to work with him on anything from letter recognition and sentence structure to math concepts and how they work. Since our son starting working with Ms Smilkstein from the time he was seven years old, she was able to keep him engaged via educational games and other creative tactile learning activities. His progress was tremendous during that time.

With the help of Erin, (our son) began to soar and scored high on his LAUSD public testing. He made it into the honors program in Middle School and has had to continue working hard to prove he belongs on this academic path.

She is a very passionate, caring and patient teacher. Erin was always willing to go over and above the call of duty to be sure that (our son) would get the attention he needed to grow and improve as a successful student.”

Deborah and Michael T.

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